Loneliness, personality and society

Born into society, we reflect through it on ourselves. The role of an ideal community is to make us independent so that we can make our decisions. But we make choices among people; hence, due to our need for society, loneliness does not feel well for we are devoid of meaningful communication. Thus, to understand loneliness we need to look into communication, society (people with whom you need to communicate) and personality (who you are among people).

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Knox Bertie A Woman
The picture is kindly provided by Knox Bertie


On the one hand, being-alone (I see the term being-alone as a positive experience and loneliness as negative. Though, these are just abstractions of the whole alteration) lets us think. A forced being alone or loneliness, on the other hand, may be dangerous for a person – one may feel that she is not being valued by others, which may lead, as a result, to depression and low self-esteem. We estimate ourselves on the opinion of others, that is, we test our actions through reactions. If the test is not directed and conscious, it is blind and mostly useless; no deductions are made, the same mistakes are repeated, and, consequently, dependency will not be reduced. Independence is a gradual process coming out of dependence; one who becomes independent creates her own stability and validation of values based on the knowledge it continually receives. Consequently, one develops her personality. Continue reading “Loneliness, personality and society”