The goal of this site is to share the insights that come from philosophy (understood as an academic, systematic, and logical enterprise). Studying philosophy can be a challenging task, where analysing thoughts of one philosopher may take years and can be successfully transmitted only in the form of a book or a scientific article. However, many small things do not require us to wait to apply them to our life.
The site has a simple structure – 2 sections: philosophy and day-to-day. Part 1 is devoted to the analysis of philosophical thoughts. Part 2 is about daily life and how it should be formed according to principles found in section 1.
We naturally have knowledge and practice, and their unity is what makes philosophy. Hence, the goal is to make knowledge alive and experience informed.
Please, take this website as an invitation to a dialogue. Whatever is written here is open to a kind discussion, and every opinion is appreciated.

Name: philosophical.live
Founder: Alexander Krapenitskiy (a PhD candidate in philosophy). 
Subjects: philosophy, informed practice.